Interior design

Throughout our work with sculptors in collage we gained a lot of experience in creating furniture, working with different materials, organizing spaces and set design. All of that knowledge we are applying in interior and product design. Besides functionality and visual appearance a big part of our projects is construction process and collaboration with our associates from the field of architecture, construction and carpenters. We are collaborating with other professions so that our ideas could be realized in a highest quality.

1. Project assignment

Meeting with our clients and defining their needs and ideas for the interior.

2. Working layout

The definition and development of a preliminary draft and the positions of furniture and equipment. Agreement about the concept of interior (style, materials, colors, the final schedule, etc.).

3. 3d visualization & design

Creating 3D visualization according to the preliminary plan and the concept. Using 3D visualization gets the overall impression of space and reduces the possibility of errors in the realization phase. All changes are made virtually and are drawn exactly how they are made. Furniture and preliminary floor plan is modeled in realistic measures. Accessories and decorative lighting is modeled and placed at the exact location that should be in the realization phase. Visualization is a virtual version of your interior or product design.

4. Interior design project

After the accepted design and visualization comes proces of the preliminary design of the interior. We make construction drawings (demolition, masonry, the layout of the required sections and views, floor plan of lighting fixtures, switches, electrical outlets, etc.). After plotted draft we are making construction project cost estimate. Preparation of preliminary draft of furniture which we presented in 3D visualization. There are individual plans of each piece of furniture and specifications of materials and decorations so that each firm could give full cost estimate for furniture. Then we specify all the purchase pieces of furniture and equipment that are in the preliminary draft of the interior.

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