Exhibition stand "Qushin"

Exhibition stand Qushin is a cozy interior designed to present qushins for dogs in style of living room and terrace. Taking into account technical and utilization standards we have made elements that are modular and can fit into different dimensions of the exhibition space. Space terrace is designed as a separate segment, and can be separated from the rest of the stand. On the floor we have set up panels of chipboard in dark gray decor and on the most visible position we have set on them pillows for pets. The upper surface of the counter is covered with glass and serves as exhibition surfaces to which can be presented to the filling bag, promo materials, pieces of cloth and others. Logo Qushin is set at the front of the counter, and on the back there are drawers are a cabinet. In the living room on one wall we placed cabinets for storage, presentation materials, equipment and shelves for presentation pillows. Upholstered seat with fabric in color of logo is illuminated by LED lighting and is decorated with pillows in Qushin fabrics. On another wall there is a coating made of segments upholstered in gray fabric. Logo and television are fixed on upholstered segment and can be positioned at different places depending on the plan of the stand. Below the TV is TV dresser that has additional seating position. The ceiling and side walls are made of solid bleached oak wood. Between the ceiling joists are wooden boxes with dual down lights. Cushions are placed within the shelf dividers in order to attract the attention of customers and visitors when they passe by the stand.

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