Dental centar Fabris/1

Dental Center Fabris is focused on customer needs and so we have designed a concept luxury entrance area pleasant for dwelling longer period of time. The space is divided into three segments: the entrance area for receiving customers, waiting room and a working part. In the first area there is a reception desk with a workplace and kitchenette. From the entrance area you can enter in the waiting room that can accommodate up to 10 people. Seats are divided into three groups. By the windows there are positions for four people. On the opposite side of the room, next to the library, there is more intimate position for two people. Between the two armchairs there is a frame wood decor in which is the antique dental chair illuminated by LED lighting. The working part has three high seats and is designed for customers who are waiting for a longer period of time and want privacy to work on a computer. The working part is protected from the rest of the space by the vertical growing plant, which is also designed to provide warmth and vibrancy. In contrast to the green barrier is raised mirror which reflects light and gives depth to the room. The two existing pillars, which divide space, are covered with MDF boards and wood decor. In the inside there is a hidden closet for coats, umbrellas cabinets, trash and hidden jar for herbs.

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