House, Bjelovar

In an interior of a beautiful modern house every piece of furniture we have specially designed for this project and it was hand made by our associates. On the upper floor we have designed office joined with living room and separated room for the children. Open space is designed without any division walls, with big windows on one side and view of a down floor on the other side. Every piece of furniture is specially designed for this space and was made by our associates. We have positioned worktable for two by the big windows, because it's distorted leg and tilted frontal drawers, it gives interesting touch to the space. Throughout the room we have gained warmer feeling with wooden coating. On it we have positioned shelves, television and lights. To have a contrast to the warm wooden feeling we have chosen cool grey-blue color for the wall. Inside of an opening by the stairway we have placed metal raster. In girl bed room dominates green and purple, and on the walls color of powder. For the girl we have made boxes for toys.

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